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    Thursday, July 05, 2007

    Activist/Founder of Gay Magazine tells his story of conversion

    Update: CNA has more on the story.

    David of C-L-S has an excellent post up this week:

    Michael Glatze, the founding editor of Young Gay America magazine and an activist promoting the lifestyle of those who choose to embrace their Same Sex Attraction Disorder, has just published an article in WND explaining his path from “gay” activist to having been healed of the disorder. The title of this post is the message that he wrote on his computer at YGA to inform his co-workers of his decision. Glatze says of his healing: “‘coming out’ from under the influence of the homosexual mindset was the most liberating, beautiful and astonishing thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.”

    [Read the rest of David's summary of Michael's story.]

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